Batch 13 Biscuits and Bowls is more than a fast casual restaurant… This concept accentuates our love for the hot, fresh, steamy biscuit. We are loyal to providing feel-good moments to our neighbors.

We revitalized our love of perfecting the flavors of each bite. The perfect layering of flavors, textures and bold vibrant colors blend the perfect meal escape. We pride ourselves on hand-prepared meals with distinctly unique ingredients. Whether they’re looking for something on the lighter side or prefer to indulge in the day, “we’ve got our neighbors’ batch” with biscuits, bonuts & bowls. All can be delivered to them: breakfast, lunch or catered.

Our guests who are looking for a quick, budget-friendly meal can break away from life’s routine and escape to our light yet lively locale with upbeat music, a feel-good patio and a batch of positive people waiting to greet them.


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